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Apple Store

Königsallee 2, 40212 Düsseldorf

It is part of the image of the Californian tech company: The Apple flagship stores look similarly spectacular in every city in the world. Metre-high ceilings, huge windows, lots of glass, air and light.

Where space makes it possible, a few mature trees are placed in the retail space and group a few benches around them. The message is: This is an oasis, you can stay here for hours and test the smart designed high-tech products to your heart's content. The Düsseldorf Apple also impresses with its generosity. The store provided with two large windows at the front in the Kö-Bogen has the latest electronic devices nicely lined up waiting for their users.


Apple Store Düsseldorf
Königsallee 2
40212 Düsseldorf

Phone +49 211 42470600