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Everything’s close together in Düsseldorf. We are the only major German city that still has the word “dorf” (village) in its name – although it has long since become a global village. And that’s entirely in tune with the tolerant and cosmopolitan way of life that is cultivated everywhere in the city. This is why you’ll feel completely at home in Düsseldorf. The Rhinelanders quickly give you a sense of belonging. Take a seat in one of our famous brewery inns or sit for a while on the steps of the Rheintreppe (Rhine Terrace Steps). You’ll quickly discover that people love to chat.


Info update: owing to coronavirus, many events in Düsseldorf are being postponed or cancelled. More information about coronavirus and your stay in Düsseldorf is available here.

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The longest bar in the world

Düsseldorf Altstadt

You can enjoy the “longest bar in the world” in the Altstadt (Old Town). There are more than 260 places to go, bars and restaurants with something to suit every taste.


More than luxury

Shopping  in Düsseldorf

Königsallee is world-famous as a luxury-shopping street. The department stores in Schadowstrasse and the Altstadt (Old Town) boutiques are just a stone's throw away.


International appeal

Art & culture  in Düsseldorf

In no other city are there so many museums and galleries as close together as in Düsseldorf. The Kunstakademie (Art Academy) in the Altstadt (Old Town) is the cultural heart of the city. 


Halve Hahn & Sushi

Eating and going  out in Düsseldorf


What makes Düsseldorf so special?

10 reasons for 
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