Urban Art Ride

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Urban Art Ride

Düsseldorf is a city of culture. Many museums and interesting galleries display art all eras. A new, exciting art direction seeks and finds others places to show their work. Away from closed spaces, international urban artists created spaces that have a more and more intense impact on the visual appearance of the city.

For the past three years, Klaus Rosskothen, owner of the Urban Art Gallery “Pretty Portal”, showed visitors new artistic sites of the city with the Urban Art Walk. While this mainly shows small to medium-sized works in the inner city area, participants of the Urban Art Ride will see the imposing, facade-sized murals in the outer city areas by bike. Klaus Rosskothen invites you to discover these places and see the city with new eyes.

Urban artists combine classic art directions with pop, punk, graft and Street art and reflect the thoughts and moods of today. They show their works in the gallery and in public space, the urban environment, which is used as the largest possible gallery. Urban art has emerged as an art direction established in the field of contemporary art.

During a 2-hour bike tour through the districts Düsseldorf Zoo, Flingern, Oberbilk, Friedrichstadt and Bilk you will see works by Oto Schade, Oliver Raeke (aka MAGIC), Majobrothers, KJ263, BrokenFingaz, Mexar, How & Nosm, Os Gemeos, Nunca, Pixelpancho, FinDAC and others.


By the way, you will discover PDOT's ghosts, as well as sticker art and paste-ups from regional and international artists and receive background information on the creation of the works, on the artists and briefly insights into Düsseldorf's city history.

Please bring your own or rented bicycles for the tour!


There is no obligation to wear a helmet, but the StVo (road traffic laws) must be followed.

2 hours 


Toulouser Allee, Jülich Bridge
End of tour: Galerie Pretty Portal, Brunnenstr. 12