True-Crime-Tour Adult (in German)

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If you want to understand the significance of certain places in Düsseldorf you have to know their history. Fateful encounters happened there, crimes were planned or committed and later tried in court. We are talking about robberies on Königsallee, the case of art consultant Helge Achenbach, the Majdanek trial or a huge fraud committed by an employee at the Metro Group. 

To get to know these places and their stories, you can join us on our “True Crime City Tour”. You will meet Christian Herrendorf and Hans Onkelbach - two Düsseldorf journalists who have known the city and its special stories for many years. Even the criminal ones. During the “True Crime City Tour” they will tell you what happened, where and why. We promise you a lot of suspense, but also some fun. Because these crimes are sometimes also part of bizarre comedies that could only happen in Düsseldorf. 

Christian Herrendorf and Hans Onkelbach are experienced journalists and editorial directors. In 2021 they co-founded the online newspaper VierNull, which offers well-researched and well-written stories about Düsseldorf - and a true-crime podcast called "Kohle, Knast und Kaviar" (big bucks, jail and caviar).

120 Min.

Please note:
Public guided tour in German only


Meeting point: Eingang Kunstakademie, Eiskellerstraße 1, 40213 Düsseldorf
End of tour: Deutsche Bundesbank, Oststrasse 14, 40212 Düsseldorf

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