Weiße Flotte - Düsseldorf-Kaiserswerth (Line Cruise) German Family

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Get away from it all and let the wind blow through your hair on our sightseeing tour. Enjoy a cold drink with a pleasant and prevailing breeze on our deck while passing by Rheinauen.

Take a stroll in Kaiserwerth and walk through the charming centre around Klemensplatz, which offers some elegant baroque buildings from the 17th and1 8th century. Another frequented and popular site and wellworth-visiting are the ruins of Kaiserpfalz which are located next to the Ritterkamp. These historical ruins can be seen from the Rhine and have always been a big attraction for visitors.

60 min.

The tour can only be conducted, if the minimum participation of 25 guests is reached.


From Riverside promenade / water level clock

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