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Beer tasting in Düsseldorf’s Altstadt
In Düsseldorf you can celebrate craft beer like nowhere else! Düsseldorf’s Altbier was already a craft beer before microbreweries up and down the country launched their revolution against bland mass-produced beers. We’ll take you behind the scenes, show you the ingredients and introduce you to real beer experts – soak up the hoppy flavour of the backstage brewing world!

What’s special about the Düsseldorf Altstadt? 
It’s where tradition meets present-day beer culture. While the barman on one side of the street is pulling his famous Altbier from wooden casks, across the road, there’s a philosophical discussion of craft beer going on.

What makes the tour so interesting for beer lovers?

Guided tour: On the tour from the Uerige brewery inn to the well-stocked Craft Beer Bar you can already enjoy little samples of local beers.

Brewery: At the Brauhaus Zum Schlüssel the water used for brewing still comes from the brewery’s own spring, and the secret of the best roasted malt has been handed down from one generation to the next.

Tasting: The Holy Craft Bar is staffed by “beerkeepers” who have sampled 3,000 different beers over the last three years.

Street Food: So that no-one starts their beer tasting on an empty stomach, tour participants will make a stop at the legendary Altstadt snack bar HamHam bei Josef for a hearty pork-filled roll.

A trained guide will share loads of technical info and entertaining facts with you on the tour, and will also give you an overview of the latest beer trends in the Altstadt (Old Town) and insider tips on where to go with your friends after the tour.

The tour is also the perfect introductory course for Altstadt (Old Town) beginners.

Duration: Approx. 180 minutes


Opposite Uerige brewery - Rheinstr. / Marktstr. 

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