Nightwatchman Tour through Kaiserswerth


Detailed description

Enchanted, historic and full of surprises - Kaiserswerth, which was designated an imperial town in the 12th century, is now a particularly charming district of Düsseldorf.
Our night watchman guides you through the evening alleys and along historical buildings such as the Old Customs House, the Mill Tower and the Klemens Bridge. He explains how the Treidelstein got to its deep channel, tells stories of times gone by - and uses his key to open many gates that otherwise remain locked. This also gives guests the opportunity to immerse themselves exclusively in the history.
Walk in the footsteps of Emperor Barbarossa with our night watchman.

During the tour we will visit places that are not open to the public at this time. Please note that the city tour takes you on public roads and paths as well as on paved and unpaved roads. Please make sure you wear appropriate footwear. Participation is at your own liability and responsibility.


Denkmal vor der Tonhalle Kaiserswerth, Klemensplatz 7, 40489 Düsseldorf