Online experience: Altbier conference for self-supporters


Detailed description

Off to the Altstadt - the digital Alt conference for Alt beer lovers

Düsseldorf's Altstadt is famous for its "Altbier", which was probably already brewed here during Jan Wellem's time. On a sociable live video tour of the Altstadt, you will immerse yourself in the history of Altbier and home breweries. During the online walk, you will experience your "beer tasting "* at home. An Altstadt tour has never been more comfortable.

*For the perfect taste experience, please stock up yourself with the matching Altbiers from Düsseldorf's home breweries (see booking confirmation for details) or alternatively book our all-round carefree package with delivery directly to your home here.

Duration: 120 min. 

Important: We use for our digital tour. The quality of the video conference depends on your current network quality and your internet provider. We ask for your understanding that temporarily disturbances can occur.