100 years of Joseph Beuys - Where the world artist still inspires the city today


Detailed description

Beuys in Düsseldorf: The world artist, activist and mastermind is always present in the city - not only in exhibitions and the Academy, but also on facades, in pubs and new concepts. 

This guided tour between the Johannes Rau statue, the Art Academy and the Beuys-Bar explains how Beuys is inextricably linked to Düsseldorf. It provides insights into the time of the student protests, which also affected the art institutions and tells the stories behind them, shows how artists and the city inspire each other to this day.

Looking at the river, the legendary crossing of the Rhine by Beuys and his disciples becomes tangible. The city tour stops at the Kunsthalle, a monument to Brutalism where Beuys left lasting traces, and at the gallery where two contemporary artists, Beuys and Warhol, captured a legendary moment.


Johannes-Rau-Statue at Johannes-Rau-Platz