Art and Magic in a German Metro


Detailed description

One of the special attractions of the city of Düsseldorf is the new Wehrhahn line. The design concept for the six subway stations was developed and realized by netzwerkarchitekten Darmstadt and the artists Heike Klussmann (Pempelforter Straße), Ursula Damm (Schadowstraße), Ralf Brög (Heinrich-Heine-Allee), Thomas Stricker (Benrather Straße), Manuel Franke (Graf-Adolf-Platz) and Enne Haehnle (Kirchplatz) together with the engineers.

Each station has an individual character, with pictorial, sculptural, interactive, sonic or geometric qualities. The route itself was realized as a subterranean spatial continuum, similar to a snake that widens at each station.

"Art and Magic in a German Metro" is how the New York Times describes this spectacular subway line.

In September 2017, the Wehrhahn line won the "Coda Award," a prize for art and design objects, in the "Transportation" category.

The subway will serve the six new subway stations: Pempelforter Strasse / Schadowstrasse / Heinrich-Heine-Allee / Benrather Strasse / Graf-Adolf-Platz / Kirchplatz (end).


Above-ground entrance to Pempelforter Straße station at the intersection of Oststraße and Am Wehrhahn