Alt-Beer Evening


Detailed description

An entertaining evening at the "longest bar in the world"

18:30 - our city guide welcomes you at the Jan-Wellem monument on Marktplatz, in the heart of the Old Town, with a glass of "Killepitsch", the typical Düsseldorf cordial. Following a brief introduction to the Old Town, short walk to one of the local brewery restaurants.

19:30 - joint dinner at the brewery restaurant. One of Düsseldorf’s typical dishes is "Rheinischer Sauerbraten", pickled roast beef with potato dumplings and stewed apple, but our menu offers many other regional specialities to choose from. Dinner is accompanied by a glass of Alt beer. In addition you are presented with a Düsseldorf cart-wheeler magnet as souvenir.

21:00 - leisurely stroll through the Old Town. Our city guide shows you typical inns and restaurants. Try the different types of Alt beer.


Rider statue of Jan Wellem at Rathaus (city hall)/Marktplatz (market square)