Beer & Culture Tour


Detailed description

Düsseldorf’s Old Town is famous for the Alt beer that has been brewed here since the times of Jan Wellem and is still made according to the old laws of purity. A sociable guided walk through the old town will get you acquainted with the most important sights and the history of the Alt beer and the home breweries.

During the walk, it is possible to visit one or more breweries and to sample some beer (consumption not included in group-price).

Beverage package (optional) - would you like to add beverages to your guided tour? Pre-book your consumption during the tour in advance. On a 2-hour tour we advise a stop at 2 breweries - 2 beverages (Alt beer or water) per person at a price of 7,00 € per person.

Important hygiene regulations for tours to be found here.


Rider statue of Jan Wellem at Rathaus (city hall)/Marktplatz (market square)